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The Fat Truth about Fat Loss : Industry Deceptions

T Charles Frey Med Bs,T Charles Frey,: The Fat Truth about Fat Loss : Industry Deceptions... Common Mistakes... Real Solutions.

The Fat Truth about Fat Loss : Industry Deceptions... Common Mistakes... Real Solutions.


The Fat Truth About Fat Loss: Industry Deceptions... Common Mistakes... Real Solutions. Are you tired of industry deceptions that help you to lose nothing more than your money during your fat-loss pursuits? Are you fed up with being promised large weight losses, a disappearing waistline, or a shrinking backside, only to be left with large bills, disappearing money, or a shrinking bank account? Truly, the fat-loss industry has profits in the billions each year and you better believe that many put making a quick buck over actually providing a product that accomplishes the claims that are promised. Whether they are pushing addictive diet pills that only work in the short term, promoting diet plans that go to the extreme, selling exercise gadgets with exaggerated claims, or trying to convince you to purchase some other quick-fix fat-loss solution, such manufacturers clearly don't have your health or long-term success as a priority. Making matters worse, most of us tend to make honest mistakes on our own that can set us back when trying to lose fat weight. Unfortunately, what might seem to be commonsense ideas, many times work against our ability to achieve and maintain our fat-loss goals in a safe and effective manner. Doing sit-ups to burn fat from the stomach, putting on a sweatshirt during exercise in order to sweat-off more weight, not eating past a certain time at night, and many other seemingly commonsense ideas unfortunately fall short when it comes to helping to achieve fat-loss goals. When you combine a generally money-driven, deceptive industry with a population that has a natural inclination to believe certain misconceptions because of what their commonsense might be telling them, a situation is created that will inevitably end in failure for many when it comes to achieving fat-loss goals. What this book does for its readers is provide real solutions for dealing with unwanted body fat. By exposing the deceptions that many in the industry thrive on, by explaining how the body really goes about burning body fat, and by giving straightforward, honest advice for taking control of your metabolism in a healthy and effective way, this book will put you on a path toward lifelong weight-management success.

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Author: T Charles Frey Med Bs,T Charles Frey,
Number of Pages: 150 pages
Published Date: 01 Jul 2011
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Country: Parker CO, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781432770068
Download Link: Click Here

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