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Walter A Hans,: Get Out of the Diet Trap

Get Out of the Diet Trap


Have you ever wondered why those famous weight loss diets can pay millions of dollars for advertising year after year? If these diets would solve weight problems, wouldn't they have sold themselves out of business by now? Some weight loss diets may actually contribute to the overweight problem. Poor nutritional advice may leave us undernourished. We may feel the urge to overeat because we do not get the proper nutrients when our body needs them. Meaningless diet rules are a poor substitute for natural instincts and common sense. The book Get out of the Diet Trap guides the reader in reaching and holding normal body weight, simply by following his or her instincts. Most of us had this ability early in our lives. We were able to control our weight before we had problems and we should be able to do it again. Those without a weight problem still have this natural ability. At the Time/ABC News Summit on Obesity in June 2004, the nutritional experts attending the summit agreed upon thirteen recommendations. The basic concept of this book supports eleven of these recommendations. The remaining two recommendations are being challenged. I am writing about my own experiences. I tried many diets and always gained the weight back that I had lost and then some. Finally, I quit diets and did what common sense told me to do. My weight dropped and stabilized simply by letting my body tell me when, what, and how much to eat. Eating for me is now pure pleasure again. Whenever I get hungry, I let my appetite lead me to the foods I need in order to be satisfied and to stay fit. I eat small portions of a variety of appetizing, nutritional foods. I enjoy every bite by giving the food undivided attention and by chewing well. I stop eating when the hunger stops. Enjoying a large variety of appetizing foods (nothing is excluded) in small portions and chewing well is satisfying and gets rid of the cravings, a major reason why we overeat. Can it be that simple? - Yes - Get out of the Diet Trap tells you why. Walter A. Hans Those who are searching for answers in a world abundant with misleading information may find them by joining the non-profit organization The Common Sense Cause. It provides a forum for those who are motivated by humanitarian concerns and believe in the moral responsibility of assisting the general public in pursuing practical and common sense solutions in the field of nutrition and the preservation of health. Write to: The Common Sense Cause P.O Box 2220 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0167

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Author: Walter A Hans,
Number of Pages: 64 pages
Published Date: 30 Nov 2007
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication Country: Bloomington IN, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781425787332
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