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Roy Masters,Dorothy Baker,: Eat No Evil

Eat No Evil


Roy Masters, in his delightfully shocking book "Eat No Evil," quickly dispels all of the myths surrounding our fascination with food. Rather than offer the public another health food diet, he bypasses the mumbo jumbo of the experts and strikes straight to the heart of the matter, unearthing for the first time the hidden cause of our cravings. If you had been born, say, two thousand years ago, you wouldn't need this book. You would be sustaining yourself naturally by eating all the right foods. But, alas, you were born in the twentieth century, as if in a cage, a bleak environment of steel and concrete and supermarket-processed food. Need I say more about the devitalized, bran-stripped junk you are eating? So now it behooves you to thread your way back through the maze of food traumas and conditioning to discover what God intended you to do with the natural bounty he provided. Food is to the intestines what truth is to the spirit. In both cases, we must keep a clean house. The problem is that a wrong person cannot possibly eat right food. You will see that the primary emphasis is on the spiritual weaknesses that led you into temptation in the first place. Bear in mind that you must get right to eat right.

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Author: Roy Masters,Dorothy Baker,
Number of Pages: 127 pages
Published Date: 06 May 2011
Publisher: The Foundation of Human Understanding
Publication Country: Oregon, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780933900127
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